Yay, Ampersand



The ampersand, one of my favorite symbols, I must say, ending in the same word it symbolizes.
And it’s exciting, starting off with an amp … plus I know whenever I see it being used there’s going to be more.

For instance, Proctor, by itself is just a supervisor and Gamble, by itself, makes you think of an uncertain outcome but add our little friend, the &, and these two words become something very clean. See the power of the ampersand.

Golden 3D ampersand symbol with clipping path - isolated on black background

David Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch knew about sporting goods, hunting rifles and the like so they opened a store which languished in Manhattan for years until they dropped the “and” then added our friend the “&”. Then they took off like a mofo. Consider this, ladies, if it weren’t for the ampersand you would’ve missed out on all those shirtless models and the Jersey Shore guys wearing the A & F clothes. Okay, sorry, I agree… we didn’t need that.


You should have fun with the ampersand when you can. I know I do. When my wife, the “O”, and I want to teamwork it we announce we’re going in as “S & O” code name: SOSO. That’s our team name in trivia. But when we want to get kinky I just lay out a belt in this shape:


That’s a signal there’s going to be more than one activity happening in the bedroom. And if there’s a question of whether my heart can take it, my wife will pull out the old stethoscope and shape it like this:


You can use the ampersand as a code for anything. For instance, say you’re hosting a beer party for your buddies and you want to signify not just one beer. Like this means one beer… and another… and another … and another:

Ampersand sign from beer can tops isolated on white

So you guys should be like me and pledge your allegiance to the ampersand because it’s cool & sexy & curvy & can stand on its own & joins together two things that want to be joined together & always looks like it is getting ready to smoke & usually has the number 8 in it & has a big butt. What’s not to like?

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