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Blind Date

July 24, 2017

What happens when two blind people go on a date?

Is that called a blind date? It can’t be. Based on that criteria, we would have to call regular dating sight dating.

The blind part refers to the fact that you haven’t met the person before.

So when two blind people (who have met before) go on a date, we should call that dating, and it’s optional if we want to mention that they are blind.

If two blind people who have never met go on a date, that’s a double-blind date. Just like a double blind study. Hopefully the results are a success.

What if a blind person goes on a date with a sighted person, and they’ve met before. That’s called a blind-sighted date. Hopefully one of the daters isn’t blindsided.

If the blind and sighted person have never met, that’s a blind sight blind-sighted blind date. I think. Add anther couple and you get blind sight blind-sighted blind double-blind date. I think. I’ve lost track of who can see and who can’t.

I hope they don’t go to Starbucks and order a double double with a doubleshot of caffeine. That would be a blind sight blind-sighted blind double-blind double double doubleshot blind date.

Think I’ll double date the dogs. It’s easier.


I am a graphic designer, humour writer, musician and piano teacher. And that's only during the day. At night I fight crime and hang out with my wonderful family.

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One Response to Blind Date

  1. July 24, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    My head is now going around in circles. 😉

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