Do We Need a Reading Class or a Driving Class?

Do we need a reading class or a driving class?

Background, a few years ago I went to the Hawaii Social Media Summit to give a presentation about blogging about Jagoffs.  Since, then, the students are becoming the masters in documenting Jagoffery in the 50th State and, Libbunnie might be the most capable.

Hey… we all know the protocol of getting out of a crowded garage or parking lot… the zipper system where everyone alternates lanes so that we all get out in a reasonable time.  Then, there’s always a jagoff or two who abandon the zipper protocol and try to sneak through.  All along, they refuse to make eye contact with you so that you can’t mouth some kind of obscenity to them or even give a hand signal. You get even MORE angry because they don’t give you an outlet for your anger.

But these two… they’ve chucked all protocol! Whaddaya thing happens when they get up to the front and find out that the gate only goes one way? Chaos!

Hey Entrance Eddy and Entrance Edie, new technology coming… “Smart Windshields” that read the signs in front of ya and, if we’re all lucky, they will have a mechanical arm that, when you’re being stupid, it slaps drivers, like you, in the face for being stooooopid, Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks, once again, to Libbunnie on Instagram, for being a Master Honorary Jagoff Catcher.

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One thought on “Do We Need a Reading Class or a Driving Class?”

  1. How does that old saying go? People are the same, no matter where they are! LOL! Just because you live in a Paradise, that doesn’t mean you are going to act like an angel! LOL!

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