Fairy Tales For Our Modern Times

Psychologists have isolated new ‘fairy tale’ beliefs that have evolved in our society in recent years.

All times in history have had their mythology and illusions that they believe in. Ours is no different. We might think that we are rational and scientific, but in reality we have just as warped of thinking as had our predecessors who believed in witch doctors. Our beliefs are just more modern.

Popular new fairy tale beliefs that the psychologists have uncovered are:

There will be lasting peace in the middle east.

That a politician can “Feel your pain”.

That a politician really feels that you are equally ‘a fellow American” to him.

That you can get a ‘career’ at a box store or a fast food restaurant.

That boxed breakfast cereals can make you healthy.

That service repairmen are really there to ‘serve’ you.

That your telephone message is being recorded to ‘check for quality’.

That ‘your call is important to us’.

That anyone will ‘cheerfully replace’ anything.

That the police are always ‘your friend in blue’.

That particular news stations are ‘fair and balanced’.

That ‘God is on our side’ and not on the other.

That everyone working at a fast food joint is as happy to be there as they appear to be in their ads.

That politicians are really ‘working for the good of the common American’.

That every sort of information is one sort of fake news or another.

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  1. I believe that the New York City subway system is easily fixable without causing any inconvenience to its riders while it’s being fixed for good, once and for all.

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