Germs or Motes? Waiting for the Frost

I’ve been feeling crappy the last several days: either an oncoming summer cold or a bad allergy attack (and/or lack of sleep This is a third shift worker’s go-to explanation for everything). Considering all the dust and the white cottony stuff floating around outside, I’m thinking allergies, so I should stay inside. But I had a bout of sleeplessness and hit the trails at Pokagon State Park, where my wife works at the saddle barn. Did you know that the average horse can raise half a lung full of dust with just one footstep? 3.6 miles later, I can say no one ever accused me of doing the smart thing.

What am I allergic to? According to the allergy doctor, everything that can be found in nature. Although these things don’t really look natural.
Except water. I’m not allergic to water … or maybe they didn’t test me for that?

And now, with apologize to Robert Frost:


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

And both smelled kind of musty

My nose asked me if I should

Go down something so dusty;


I shall be telling this with a sneeze

My nostrils full of mold

I took the road more allergen

It’s worse than any cold.

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