New Year, Knew You

Hey Gang

Now that we are in a new year.  I have resolved to help everyone with their resolutions.  I have thought about wanting to try to change this year and I know many of you are thinking about wanting to try to change this year too, maybe.

As a corporate trainer, it is my job (that I don’t get paid at) to help you achieve this goal.  In fact, in order to have a successful resolution, you must set goals.  It’s often suggested that you should write your goals down and not tell anyone.  The idea is to work hard at the goal and only present it to the world once it has been achieved.  Well gang, today I am here to tell you that is all nonsense.  It’s an urban myth like pop rocks exploding in your stomach, swallowed gum taking 7 years to dissolve and your parents saying they mailed money for your rent last week.

If you have a goal, NEVER write it down.  Putting it on paper, unleashes it out to the world before it’s ready.  Just think about your goal a lot and vaguely tell everyone about it by using these statements. “This will be my year.”  “Look out world, here I come!”  “This will be the last time I will have to ask my parents for rent money, hopefully.”

Also, if you write down a specific goal then you are held accountable and the goal becomes measurable.  It is easier to achieve a goal if it wasn’t clearly defined.  You can claim success later in the year by using statements like, “slow and steady wins the race.”  “I can tell I made progress.”  “My landlord said I need that rent money by Tuesday, Mom.”

I hope this helps!  May you all have a great new year and keep on gaining!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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