What If We Had a Protest and Nobody Showed Up?

Who is going to protest today? Who is going to counter protest? How many are going to bring along their phone hoping to catch the next viral video? How much of the media is going to show up hoping to get some good shots of people hitting each other with flag poles? How many people are more than willing to put on a good show for them?

Yes, there are serious divisions and problems in our society worth much debate and analysis.

This stuff, however, does nothing but fuel the myth that more divides us than unites us.

If we turned off cable news, put down our phones, and actually walked out the door and talked to our neighbors, got involved in our community, or maybe volunteered for something; we might just realize that there are some great people in this world.

Remember the old hippie axiom, “What if we had a war and nobody showed up?”

Why not let certain groups from all sides of the warped ideological spectrum bloviate to an empty street and ignore them for the fools that they are while we work together to make the world a better place?

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