ABC announces a new show “Pole Dancing with the Stars“


ABC announces a new show “Pole Dancing with the Stars”

To capitalize on the success of it’s trademark “Dancing with the Stars” and the box office power of “Magic Mike XXL,” ABC announced a new late Spring Reality Show TV entry “Pole Dancing with the Stars.”

A spokesperson for ABC raved, “the show has something for everyone. Both male and female viewers will get the thrust of what we’re going for.” Adding: “And, for some of our celebs, this a chance at a whole new career that doesn’t involve using the phrase ‘would you like fries with that.’”

The show’s Producers said the format would include allowing members of the studio audience to stuff dollars into contestants’ G-strings and thongs. And, celebs will be given their very own stripper aliases. The shows producers teased that people would have to tune in to see which celebrities were anointed “Silicon Valley” and “Thunder Down Under.”

The show will have a humanitarian angle with each exotic dancer wannabe “making it rain” for their favorite charities. Although, contestant Shaquille O’Neal did warn, “I hope that pole ain’t holding up the building.”

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