Well, the ber months are here. September, October, November, December, and we soon will be saying brrrr!

For those of us who run, it’s about time! No more running in the heat and humidity where breathing is like sucking through a straw! It’s cooler, more comfortable and running is much more fun. (I know what you non-runners are saying, “what do you mean fun? Who are you kidding”.) That’s OK, we aren’t offended, you are always welcome to join us or, if you prefer, we always enjoy spectators.

Speaking of spectators, there is a multiplicity of runs this time of year. Plenty of 5K’s, 10K’s, marathons, 25 milers, 50 milers etc. so if you don’t run, come on out and watch those of us who do. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch the bug. (Hey, I had to ask.)

There are Pumpkin races and Beat the Pumpkin races (not sure how this one works. Does someone who’s very fast carry a pumpkin at the head of the group?)

There are Homecoming races. (Don’t sign up for these, all the kids that ran track come back to show off!)

There’s a Margarita Madness run and a Beer run. No explanation required!

There’s a Night of the Dead run. Costumes optional but you get the picture. Great opportunity to be creative.

There’s a Nun run. This could become a habit (sorry, couldn’t resist).

There’s an Undy run. Given the time of year you may want to wear some undies under your undies.

Finally, there’s the 5K On The Runway. Yes, just like it says. A local airport sets aside one of its runway for the runners to run on. Let’s just hope that the controller in the tower stays awake during the duration!

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