Once Again, The Yahoo Comments Page Proves To Be The Best Satire Site There Is As It Tears Up Cheeky Russian Spy’s Fundraiser to Save Her Butt


Once again, the Yahoo comments pages proves to be the best satire site going. Maria Butina, the pro NRA Russian gun advocate and good Trump friend (what Russian isn’t nowadays) has been accused of spying on the U.S. and wasn’t above using sex to accomplish that. It seems that the barrels of her guns weren’t the only things that were hot when Ms. Butina was around.

Now that she’s been caught red-handed (what her hands are red from is anybody’s guess) she has started a fund-raiser site to help pay for her legal fees (greedy American lawyers are not too keen on getting their pay in rubles). Apparently Butima, like her mentor Trump, has already learned how to manipulate the American public (or at least the more gullible Open Carry warriors around) into sending money to her. The Grrrl certainly learns quick, doesn’t she?

Here is what the Yahoo reading public has to say about it:

    • roger f 0 sec agoScam alert!!! Scam alert!!! Scam alert!!!!

      liberaltroll10 6 hr ago

      WATCH every single dime that goes into that account. FOLLOW THE MONEY

    • Dan 1 hr agoNyet !
    • Pynetree 1 hr agoI hear The Donald is donating the first $130,000.
    • InZane 1 hr agoOf course, middle-aged men in the NRA and GOP are eager to help.
    • mario 3 hr agoRubles only.
    • Tony 1 hr agoDonald has his check book ready!!
    • Jason 1 hr agoThe NRA will find her defense
    • Tyler 1 hr agoTrump is donating hugely
    • ARNIE 1 hr agoVote in November !! ( D ) for Democracy ( R ) for Russian
    • Lump U Up 1 hr agoAmerica just fought a cyber war with Russia and Russia won. We are now a nation under occupation.
  • charles 1 hr agoWonder why the NRA she was working for doesn’t help her.
  • Luck 1 hr agoTrump’s next wife .
  • Get Real! 1 hr agoI’m sure the Trump campaign will donate $15,000 a month for her silence.
  • william 1 hr agoI get my social security check on the 1st. Will 50 cents be ok?
  • Fred 1 hr agoI’m sure Trump will make a donation
  • brr 1 hr agoPlenty of Trump Russians out there for this.
  • RENE S 1 hr agoask comrade tRumpturd – he will donate to you with no problem. or he will buy out the judge or . . . .—– VOTE
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