Pleas Don’t Help Me

News that Michael Cohen has agreed to cop a plea:
Handling his finances in ways that shouldn’t be.
Twenty million dollars’ worth of tax and banking frauds,
But the most salacious part was payments for two broads.

When the news first broke about S. Daniels and McDougal,
Cohen claimed he paid them off — with Trump’s involvement frugal.
Now, however, he has said that under Trump’s direction
Payments were made strictly to influence the election.

As the word was broadcast that a deal here had been reached
All the pundits asked: Does this mean Trump will be impeached?
It seems premature to say the outcome’s all but certain —
But hard for anyone to doubt that this gives Trump a hurtin’.

As the shock waves radiate, some still claim it’s extortion:
“Campaign violations? This is blown out of proportion.
These women wanted money and decided they could squeeze him.
He paid to squelch their claims – all false – of things they did to please him.”

Cohen was long known to be the Donald’s favorite fixer:
Always the first one in line to drink Kool-aid elixir.
Now that their relationship has turned sour and acidic,
Michael has become his former mentor’s leading critic.

And, at the exact same time, down in a federal court
Paul Manafort’s crack legal team came up a dollar short.
Eight out of eighteen counts: “We find him guilty!” said the jury.
Trump briefly offered comments, and his words were filled with fury.

“Fake news” and “a sad thing;” “Russian witch hunt” and “disgrace”:
All terms that Donald Trump used while attempting to save face.
No mention of collusion or the Russians in this verdict,
And yet it’s likely Trump still peed his pants when he first heard it.

Michael Cohen’s attorney can be found all over cable:
“This contrite defendant is now ready, willing, able;
He can share his insights into hacking Trump had cheered for —
This is what the Special Counsel’s Russia probe is geared for.”

How many shoes are hanging in the air, still left to drop?
New revelations in this sordid mess just will not stop.
Trump’s time in office: limited? Some counting on the days left
‘Til he decides — or may be forced — to make his exit, stage left.

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