Enter the Annual Humor Meets Horror Contest on HumorOutcasts.com

Each year for the last seven years, we have held our Humor Meets Horror contest during the month of October. If you are a published or budding horror writer, send in your submission. Judges are ready to bestow upon the winning entries some fun prizes.  There is no word limit and it’s a great way to get your work some exposure.  If you are not already a writer on HumorOutcasts, send in your submission with your bio and your photo and one that goes along with the piece you wish to submit and send to Donna@Humoroutcasts.com

If you are already a writer on HumorOutcasts.com, post as usual but put a line at the beginning of the post that says,  “My contribution for Humor meets Horror Month.”  Now get going and try and scare us out of our skins.  All topics from sci-fi to paranormal are allowed.  This is your chance to spread your bat wings and have some fun and get some notice.

Have fun and may the depths of darkness be with you??  (Okay, that was hokey.)



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