Thanks to all my non-running friends:

“Things that non-runners think but are too polite to ask”


Here’s a sincere thank you to all my non-running friends for not saying what they are probably thinking about my running habits.

Thank you for being too polite to ask Why?

Why would you wake up early, get out of a warm bed, put on a jacket and go outside on purpose to run in the rain?

 You must be crazy!

Why would you not buy a nice pair of dress shoes for $100 to wear daily because they are too expensive, but happily pay $125 or more at least twice a year for running shoes you only wear 4-5 hours per week?

You must be crazy!

Why do you drive for an hour to a race that lasts less than 40 minutes, that you pay money for and get only a “free” banana and a t-shirt?

You must be crazy!

Why would you dress up in 3 layers of clothing to go outside in the middle of winter for a run when the wind chill is in the single digits?

You must be crazy!

So, again, thank you to all of my non-running friends for not saying what you are thinking. I do appreciate it.

Of course, if you ever feel like joining the craziness, you are always welcome!

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One thought on “Thanks to all my non-running friends:”

  1. I could probably say the same things about hunting down brewerys to visit and test beer!

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