Famous Americans Who Colluded with the Russians and the Price They Paid

famous Americans who colluded

Robert Hanssen – In a Supermax prison in solitary for the rest of his life for selling U.S. classified documents to the Russians. His is considered to be one of the worst breaches of U.S. intelligence ever.


famous Americans who colluded

Ronald Pelton – Sold American secrets to the Reds because of financial difficulties. Sentenced to three concurrent life sentences.


Harold James Nicholson – Former high level and trusted CIA employee who was recruited by  the Soviet Intelligence officers. Sentenced to 23 years in a Supermax Prison.


Aldrich Ames – One of the most famous double agent cases in U.S. history Caused the death of at least 10 CIA operatives due to his spying. Life imprisonment.


John Anthony Walker – Life sentence for supplying vital code cards to the Soviets. Died in prison.


Ethel and Julius Rosenberg – Fried like Freedom Fries for selling nuclear secrets to the Russians.


famous Americans who colluded, Trump

Donald J. Trump – Becomes President of the United States.


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