Q’Anon- A Visit To The Land Of Odds For Those Who Aren’t Afraid Of Lions And Tigers And Democrats, OH MY!

Just what exactly does the name ‘Q’Anon’ mean anyway? It is known as a shady, seemingly hallucinatory (or a hallucinating group) led by a mysterious Being who is known only by his pen name ‘Q’.

Could it be that not-so-mysterious spy gadget inventor Q from the James Bond series who invented all those over the top gizmos that gave Mister ‘Shaken, not Stirred ‘ his competitive edge over the bad guys? The one who was last played quite tongue in cheek by John Cleese of Monty Python fame? I don’t think so.


Could it be the wily, super, omnipotent Being Q from Star Trek- The Next Generation who battled wits with Captain Picard so brilliantly? No, that was set in the far future and we are not there yet. We are having a difficult time enough dealing with our present.


Could it be Putin who I already suggested and roasted in another article? That would make sense; he likes playing with American gullibilities and we have a lot of them at the moment.


No, I think this is a totally new and original Q, original except that he probably came up with his moniker from watching too much James Bond, Star Trek and FOX News.

Whatever and whoever that answer is, the name of the organization is as much of a mystery as it’s mouthpiece is. Just what do the initials ‘Q’Anon stand for any way? We could be mislead by the seemingly obvious that it means Q Anonymous, but that would be too easy. We need to show a little more depth than its followers and determine its real meaning.

Here are the possibilities hacked up mentally so far:


Quacks Administrating Nonsense and Obvious Nuttiness.

Qualifying As Not Overly Normal.

Quarreling Almost Non-stop Over Non-entities.


Quenchlessly Asserting Newfound Ominous Notions.


Quaint Asinine Nuts Originating Nightmares.


Querimoniously Attempting New Overthrow of Nation.


Questionably Aberrant No-brainer Obnoxious Notions.


Queasily Alarming Neanderthalish Oral Narratives.


Quicksand-like Arguments Nominally Outlandishly and Nonsensical


Quasi Abnormal Naughty Occultic Numb-skulls


Queerly Anonymous Nutcases Orating Nonsense.

Queasily Approximating Nitwit Objectives Nefariously.


Quarter-brained Angry Notoriously Obnoxious Numb-nuts.


Quavering Always Numbly Over Nothing.


Quizzically Always Never On Note.


Quite Annoying, Nauseatingly Ornery and Neurotic.


Quipping Abundant, New Offensive Nasties.


Quaffing Amounts of Narcotics Orally Normally.


Quantum A**holes Numbifying Ordinary Norms.


Quixotic Anarchic Non-functionals Obliterating Nation.


If you can come up with more you have a dictionary with more ‘Q’s’ in it than I do……..



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