Craft Brewer Agonistes

Craft breweries boasted offerings so very diverse. Macro breweries were all alike and so much worse. They pushed pilsners, lagers, lite beers, so much swill. The micros expressed unbridled creativity at will. Their brewpubs were crafty, candid, galleries of liquid art. They challenged convention, upstaged the soulless with real heart. The craft breweries were a respite from the same old, same old. They blazed a new path: sui generis, bohemian and bold. The craft brewers poured such a vast and wide variety. Every beer style under the sun was a genuine possibility. They brewed IPAs, session IPAs, hazy IPAs, New England IPAs, milkshake IPAs, double IPAs, barrel-aged IPAs, even English-style IPAs. They brewed East Coast IPAs, West Coast IPAs, Fruit IPAs, Brut IPAs, oak-aged IPAs, Imperial IPAs, wet-hopped IPAs, black IPAs, throwback IPAs. You could tipple almost any type of IPA at these cauldrons of creativity, which pushed the very limits of giving the consumer what they want to see.

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