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Donald Trump is reportedly planning on leaking bombshell letters in his new book.
That is going to be difficult for him to compile as so many of his cronies are in prison and they heavily censor what they say and write there. It doesn’t help any that his ghostwriters are in the hooch too.

Trump says ‘illegal leaks’ indicate he’ll be arrested Tuesday as DA eyes charges.
The only ‘illegal leak’ Trump is really experiencing now is the brain fluid leak that is coming out of his ears.

Russia tries to boost its flagging army by changing conscription age range.
Which means Russia will also have to be changing a lot of diapers too…….

Freddie Prinze Jr. ‘Regrets’ Role In This Popular 2000’s Film.
Ahh, he’s only mad because he got upstaged by a dog…….. And he got paid in dog food just like Scooby Doo did.

Video shows armed woman accused of impersonating GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) agent showing up at multiple Cobb homes at night looking for “Crooks and Cowards’.
That jokester Marjorie Taylor Greene sure knows how to liven up a muggy Georgia night! I am sure all the neighbors there were in stitches at her after dark antics!

See what the South Beach spring break scene looked like one night after a deadly shooting.
Amazing what huge amounts of alcohol and drugs can do to one’s sense of reality and sense of self preservation- “Oh, ….wow man!……..Look at that guy bleeding to death there!……Where is my phone so I can take a picture!…….”

Trump’s Coming Arrest: We Answer The Questions You Were Scared To Ask.
(courtesy of Rolling Stone)
Here, I’ll answer them for you:
1- Yes, he will be put in handcuffs…..and a muzzle too for good measure.
2- Yes, he will be put in jail. It is called Guantanamo.
3- No, he will not be coming back out. The nation’s collective nervous system could use a break.
4- Yes, there will be trumped up charges. That means charges only Trump could ring up. No other meanings of the word’s ‘trumped up’ apply here.
5- Yes, the most adamant of his follower’s will be put in a large cell with him. Then they will get a more realistic glimpse of what their hero is really like when they have to share a toilet with him.

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