Playing Card Company Honors Trump In The Truest Way Possible

Playing Card Company Honors Trump In The Truest Way Possible

It is truly inspired of the Gold Circle Line Card Company to make a special card honoring our great, former (and perhaps soon to be, our returning!) President Donald J. Trump. It is a fitting and accurate reminder (well, somewhat accurate- the jester in the drawing doesn’t hardly look like him except in spirit!) of perhaps the greatest President that has ever graced our White House, or should I say more accurately, bulldozed it!

Where the card company was quite right-on was with the added ‘JOKER’ context to the card. That is where it was applaudable. The combining of the name ‘Trump’ and the word ‘Joker’ were the perfect match for the rascally knave of a President that we all love so much. I admire him so much that I would even let him grab my wife’s unmentionable if he so wanted!

The combining of the regal name ‘Trump’ with that of ‘Joker’ was a streak of genius. It makes me envision a true American hero with the brilliance and the daring of the Joker in the Batman film series ( the Health Ledger one of course! Forget the other low budget ones that came thereafter or before! …..well, actually the Joachim Phoenix one was good in its own right too!) and the conniving drive of a True Trump.

Of course, the other irony is that card playing is associated with great risk taking, high financial stakes and the exciting art of gambling and great bluffing, all of which are embodied in our soon to be back former Head of State. Of course, card playing is also associated with cheating, illegal back houses, late night carousing and dirty dealing. But then again that also is associated with our feckless Leader himself as well.

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