Tense Throngs Turn Up To Toast Their Theoretical Tyrant – Trump!

Citizens of New York City, America’s Gotham, were out in force to celebrate their hero, Donald Trump, today outside of a courthouse. Things were looking like they might get ugly for a while when the makeup artist assisting the controversial figure took too long applying his famous skin accentuation. The crowd got antsy, the police appeared, tensions rose and it looked for a while like World War 3 would be starting not in Ukraine but rather right here at home. Things were coming to a head when……………


Excuse me, I just got informed from headquarters that this is actually a fake rally from the filming of the movie sequel to ‘The Joker’. So sorry about the misrepresentation. It seems Trump was actually in another part of Manhattan at the time, 5th Avenue in fact. So, getting back to our story I guess that is just an incursion of Hollywood into New York.

You have to admit; it is an easy mistake to make. There are a lot of similairities between the two characters. Were it not for the makeup it would be hard to tell them apart. Their antics and morality are also about the same. Of course, one is nuts and the other is…….well, I’ll leave that to you to discern.

Wait, I am getting another call from Headquarters………Oh my! It seems someone has shot someone on 5th Avenue and then ran away! Strangely his description matches that of the former President…..

I guess we have a dramatic story after all!
More news as it happens. Be sure to stay tuned to this channel!

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