HOPress – Marcy O’Brien – Author – “Rounding Third” Podcast

We are talking with Marcy O’Brien, author of the book “Rounding Third” discussing her career in writing and experiences that inspired her book.

The conversation touches on personal stories, observations, and the importance of family as inspiration. Marcy shares how her book reflects her life in real-time, with a mix of humor and emotion. She also talks about her role as the executive director of a historic theater and bringing big names to a small town.

You will enjoy Marcy O’Brien’s well-rounded personality, combining business acumen with a love for the arts and a sensitive side. The book has been enjoyed for its relatable and entertaining content, appealing to a wide audience.

This discussion accents Marcy O’Brien’s depth as an individual and provides insights into her writing process and the personal significance of her stories.

“Marcy writes with an eye for detail and a gift for putting you right there in the scene with her. 

Her wisdom and irreverent wit – the blessings of a well-lived life – evoke lots of smiles, even an occasional tear. 

But, she always leaves you with the lasting warmth of a visit from an old friend.” 

It is a delightful interview; we hope you listen in.

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Rounding Third is available in Paperback and Kindle


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