Auto-correct woes

Many of you have experienced something on your phones called auto-correct, which works to help people who can’t spell and the owners of Apple products. Which may be redundant. Anyway, there’s a web site that shows all of the great auto-correct disasters in history. But I don’t really understand them. In one, “silly string” is changed to “semen”. In another, “luck” is changed to “fuck”. Seriously?

Anyway, I thought the site was bullshit until I texted “Happy Birthday” and it was changed to “Eat shit, you dumb cunt”. I have to admit…Grandma and I had a great laugh over that one.

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4 thoughts on “Auto-correct woes”

  1. I think your auto-correct was designed by some guy with a lot of issues. HA HA

  2. More like auto OVER correct. Grandma of course will always now suspect you of using drugs.

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