Do Swimsuit Models Swim?

I had never, EVER, wondered if swimsuit models could actually swim. We see these gorgeous models in skimpy suits, rolling in the hot and sticky sand or drenched by sea-foam, and we think, wow, she is beautiful, and if i am a man, I think, wow, I wish I could sleep with her, or even  as men or women, wow, I wish I was at the beach and looked like that. What I know most of us do not think is “can she swim?”  Because really, who gives a shit if she can swim. She is only modeling the suit so we can look at her and want to buy it.

According to an interview with 25 year old model and (Sports Illustrated model as well) Chrissy Teigen, she admitted, even though she is frequently a swimsuit model, she can not swim. For a shoot for Las Vegas magazine, she had to float, so they had to use floaties, yes, those little, round things we use for our children, to balance her on the water.

Teigen is currently dating musician John Legend, who I am sure also does not give a shit that she can not swim. In fact, he can’t swim either!

So now next time you are ogling a swimsuit model in her skimpy bikini, you might actually start to think, “hmmmm, I wonder if she can swim?”  NOT!

Teigen Modeling Swimsuits


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5 thoughts on “Do Swimsuit Models Swim?”

  1. I don’t think the guys care if they can swim. In fact I believe they pray they can’t, so they can give them mouth-to-mouth!! 😉

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