Funny Criminal

I am sure funny and criminal do not belong in the same sentence together, however, there is funny funny, you know the kind of funny that makes you laugh, ha ha, and feel good, and then there is funny, like funny strange that makes you want to laugh but instead you can’t help but form a question mark in your mind and cringe. Below is that such “funny.”

A kidnapper sues his hostages

When I first saw that a kidnapper wanted to sue his hostages, I thought, REALLY? But then I remember hearing about a situation like it before, a kidnapper suing for damages because he’d been hurt by his hostages, which is also absolutely ridiculous, but I understood it. I mean, hell, why not, these days you can sue for anything. And win!

In this case however, Jessie Dimmick of Colorado wants to sue his hostages for breach of an oral contract he made with them while they were under duress – being taken hostage at knife point after Dimmick, who was fleeing police, crashed into their home.  Again, I thought, REALLY? You were hanging out with this couple that you happen to be threatening with a knife and thought, “Hmm, better make an oral contract in case I need to sue them later.”

Interestingly enough, however, the couple apparently did sort of hang out with Dimmick by eating Cheetos’, drinking Dr. Pepper and watching a movie. It sounds like the best damn hostage situation ever. Of course, they were trying to get along with Dimmick to save their lives, but somehow Dimmick must have thought he’d made some new friends. If that’s the case, maybe next time, when he gets out of jail, (or if he gets out,) he should try to meet people online or join a team or a club. And a bit of advice, leave the knife at home.

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One thought on “Funny Criminal”

  1. This reminds me of that scene in the movie “Bonnie and Clyde” where the Barrow gang hijack this guy’s car. They all end up joking and laughing and eating hamburgers, until the guy reveals that he’s an undertaker, and Bonnie makes him get out of the car.

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