Intuitive Readings 101

I love giving intuitive readings. My readings are more like counseling sessions where my goal is to uplift, empower, energize, educate and entertain. This is all I want to do. I do not deliver bad news rather I seek for ways to bring a person from a negative to a positive way of being and thinking. I seek to remove what is binding or holding them back. It is my internal escape artist that helps and heals your internal escape artist. I love what I do. Helping comes to natural to me.

There is an interesting situation that arrises from time to time. People often confuse my abilities as ‘psychic’ because during a reading my highly developed intuition often gives me names, dates and other information with acute accuracy. I believe these specific thoughts come from the opening of my energies to the Universe and the use of oracles that I am choosing at the time such as cards, pendulums, numerology and auras to name a few. Because of these awesome revelations people are rightly skeptical and because of the obvious connection to the word PSYCHIC I have my share of challengers and opposers. This is ok.

At times I find myself in a situation where I am approached by people that I do NOT want to read for. Some are looking to ‘expose’ me, some are looking to test my abilities and play accusatory ‘games’, some are drunk and some are just really stupid. When this happens, my interaction changes a bit. I have a simple defense system to protect myself from these negative beings that are looking for anything BUT a reading from me.

The first thing that I tell them is that there will be some uncomfortableness in the process of getting a reading. This is so that I may ‘tap into their minds’. I then proceed to explain that I will need to hug them. I then ask them if I can hold their hands. I stare them in the eyes, using some of my eye gazing methods. At this point, separating the men from the boys, I go in for the hug. This lets me know all that I need to know as far as continuing and moving forward with the reading. Usually it is all done at this point. The man cannot handle it. I say man because I have never had a woman come at me with negativity in asking for a reading. 🙂 If all else fails, if they persist and I still do NOT want to give a reading, I take out my pendulum and ask the Universe for permission to give the reading. The pendulum unfortunately says NO. I apologize and walk away.

Sometimes, right at the beginning I’ll just take the pendy out, ask it for permission and it says no. The end.

I am thankful that this situation rarely comes up. I am constantly putting out the love and am grateful for it’s continual return. Feel free get in contact with me. I will be glad to give you a reading, answer a question or we can just play around. I have various cool tests for your own intuitive power. I am always available, providing that I have the time. My website is

And by the way, what you were thinking about earlier: Yes. 😉

Peace always,


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