Jesus Reincarnated in Siberia

Apparently, Jesus has been found in an isolated part of Siberia, at least 100 miles from the nearest town.  Technically, a man known as Vissarion, which means the Teacher, claims to be the reincarnated Jesus.  If this guy is the real deal, I have to wonder if evangelists such as Pat Robertson are upset because the Son of God chose to start over again in the once godless land of the former Soviet Union rather than the bible belt of the United States — or for that matter,  the locker room of the Denver Broncos.

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3 thoughts on “Jesus Reincarnated in Siberia”

  1. This does kind of validate Joseph Smith’s and the Mormon claim that Jesus has moved around since his death.

  2. I believe he is the real deal because I heard him proclaim, “Let those without sin cast the first snowball!”

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