Tree of Fertility

A 746-year-old fresco called the “Tree of Fertility” used to have what experts say were a number of penises festooning over a group of nine women.  Unfortunately, the tree was castrated in a restoration process, and almost all the penises were removed. The authorities have since found out that the restoration experts were not experts at all but Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Christine O’Donnell in disguise who thought removing the penises and sexual images would restore “family values”.  Also removed from the fresco were gay and poor people who the “restoration experts” said had no place in real life depictions

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3 thoughts on “Tree of Fertility”

  1. Those morons, it’s a known fact that breasts are responsible for the decline of western civilization, not penises. Seriously, how is anyone supposed to even think with all the breasts that are around? Hell, I was barely able to even write this note at the mere mention of breasts.

      1. It’s ok, I remembered what I was doing. I was lookup bikini models, so it’s cool. 😉

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