America the Haters

Remember when the only safe topic to discuss was the weather?  Well, how hard up  must one be for an argument to pick a fight with other readers in the comments section on The Weather Channel website? Welcome to America, where hatred spewed about any topic, even potential hurricanes,  is justified.

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7 thoughts on “America the Haters”

  1. Most of us check The Weather Channel just to see what’s happening or see some often pretty cool videos or pictures. Leaving comments? Why? We can’t change the weather; we can only try to be prepared for it. What’s the use of making comments on a website?

  2. Hmm, must have been a slow comment day on the Todd Akin site, for someone to go ballistic over the weather, LOL

  3. The GOP is hopeful that Hurricane Isaac will take some of the media spotlight off of Romney-Ryan. Politics and storms seem to be common bedfellows.

  4. Some people just want to see their words in print. Unfortunately they like to incite anger, too. If only more people knew how to channel their energies constructively!

    1. My problem with the comment section is that sites either edit any comments that are critical of the site or and this I heard from an unnamed source, some sites actually put comments up under a fake name to incite further arguing thus increasing their reads.

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