An Innovative Way To Create Jobs

The other day I saw a news article about a senior executive at Halliburton who got bagged for soliciting prostitution. The 59-year-old guy responded to an ad on Craigslist Houston that was actually an undercover police sting created to nab johns. The guy showed up at a hotel, unaware that he was heading into an early retirement.

Reading the story, I thought back to a performance review I once had at a state job in Oregon. My supervisor was lamenting the fact that there were no open positions above mine into which I could be promoted. But he suddenly perked up and told me a story about a former employee in our division who had driven his motorcycle off a bridge. Grinning, my supervisor said, “Turnover takes many forms. Something will open up.”

And this got me thinking about jobs. There is a serious deficit of jobs in America right now. The government has tried using stimulus programs to create new jobs, with limited results. They’ve tried lowering interest rates to zero, with similar results. Nothing seems to really work. Both of our presidential candidates are talking about creating jobs, with Mitt Romney pledging to create twelve million new ones if he becomes President. How can he possibly do that?

Here’s how, and it doesn’t involve lowering the corporate taxes needed to balance the federal budget: There’s roughly 150 million men in America. If the federal government ran widespread online prostitution stings in every major American city, it could easily snag 12 million men. That’s only 8 percent of the male population, very doable. And that’s 12 million new openings at well-paying, top-notch companies like Halliburton.

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5 thoughts on “An Innovative Way To Create Jobs”

  1. When that happens Bill, we can just look in the binder to find ladies who don’t mind visiting the prison. THere must be at least one qualified woman in there!

  2. I like this progressive way of thinking but if we progress it a bit further, there may be one small problem. If 12 million men are nabbed by undercover cops, many more men will stop using the services of the ladies of the night and this in turn will kill off the oldest profession in the world! Just sayin!

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