Paul’s Awesome Buyers’ Report – Plastic Wrap

While we’ve been concentrating on foreign wars, domestic politics, and the economy, an issue of great importance to all of us has been allowed to fester. Namely, the truly fetid state of many plastic wraps. […]

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Stuffed Pionono and Black Ops

Uruguayan Entree* STUFFED PIONONO INGREDIENTS – PIONONO 4 eggs (2 hard boiled eggs later)2½ tablespoons sugar (2½ tablespoons more later)½ cup flour2½ tablespoons sugar⅓ cup sugar⅛ teaspoon saltno-stick spray INGREDIENTS – FILLING 2 eggs, hard […]

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South Sudanese Stew, Earthquakes, and Peanuts


South Sudanese Entree BEEF, SPINACH, AND PEANUT STEW INGREDIENTS 1¼ pounds chuck steak or round steak 3 garlic cloves 2 medium onions 2½ tomatoes 2 bunches spinach (1 pound) ½ sweet potato 4 tablespoons unsalted, […]

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