HumorOutcasts Radio – 7-18-2012

This week, HumorOutcasts radio welcomed back Deb Martin Webster who never fails to entertain us.  I think we hit almost every topic out there in this half hour.  Enjoy the show and remember to check out all Deb’s work on HO on her author page at

Co-hosted with Deb Martin Webster

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5 thoughts on “HumorOutcasts Radio – 7-18-2012”

  1. Pete can’t understand how two women can talk about a million topics in 30-minutes. I he said the only thing we didn’t discuss was puss and amputation,ewww,lol!

      1. As a public service, please warn us ahead of time if you plan to discuss puss and amputation.

        Thank you. 😉 😀

          1. LOL, will do Bill and Kathy. However, I must say that I do have some pretty good puss stories just waiting to be told – amputation, not as many. . . stay tuned! 😉

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