Sometimes the Cure is Worse than the Disease

“Good Morning Sir and how may I help you today?”

“I would like the super deluxe egg cheese burger with extra bacon, hold the lettuce and tomato, king size fries, large double malted shake, a large breakfast burrito and two large egg muffins.  Throw in an extra large coffee with six packs of sugar and extra cream – all to go, thank you!”

His reply, “That’s a lot of food for just one person sir.  Are there other people waiting outside?”

“Nope, just me . . . oh and can you super-size it?  This label shows that I must take my cholesterol medicine with food.”

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes the Cure is Worse than the Disease”

  1. Now I know where all of those fast food wrappers came from in the back of the pick up!

  2. It was the rather small diagram on the left side that made me think what am i doing to my body, no smart answers to that one please.:) <3

    1. You should have seen the nurses face as i left the doctors and asked would a real steak lunch and ice cream do as I dont like fries all that much.

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