The Good Things Store

Jill Y and I, may not be the greatest parents that the world has never awarded an accolade but we’re definitely not as bad as the parents who allowed their kid to starve to death while they raised a virtual child. Part of me thinks that this might be a joke but another, other part of me is scared that Little Dill Y may be massively serious. We encourage his entrepreneurial skills and along with Little Scurvy Janet, he comes up with some really good ideas to extort money from people. I think we may need to sit down and have a serious conversation with him, unless this is some sort of seriously weird joke of sorts:


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6 thoughts on “The Good Things Store”

  1. As long as he’s selliing addictive substances, he might as well add coffee to his inventory.

    1. That might be a tad tricky. I am the master of all that is caffeine in this house and it’ll take more than one little person to wrestle the coffee from me!

  2. Nose candy and mouth candy in the same store — sweet! What an entrepreneur. But I would suggest chocolate instead of peanut butter; it has more addicts.

    1. You’re coming at this from a common sense, point of view and he doesn’t really have much common sense. Sure he rarely listens to me, maybe he’ll heed your wise words of wisdom.

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