The Squashed Sasquatch

Ghillie Suit © by włodi

A man in a military-style “ghillie” suit hoped motorists in northwest Montana would see him, think he was Bigfoot, and report a “real” Sasquatch sighting.  Unfortunately, the misguided 44-year-old man did not take into consideration that a “ghillie” suit is a suit of camouflage which makes it difficult for anyone to see it or more importantly, him. 

Alas, this proved true when a teenage girl, driving on the same highway where the Fake Bigfoot skulked, ran him down with her car and well…the Fake Bigfoot wanders no longer. The police are checking to see if alcohol was an issue – not with the teenage girl but the squashed Sasquatch.  Lesson to be learned: When you seek out attention for dishonest gain, you become roadkill.  Is it any wonder these creatures do not want to be found by humans?

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