Waking the Dead…or Not

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A 41-year-old Brazilian man crashed his own funeral.  Apparently, his brother  mistakenly identified a man in the morgue, who held a similar job and bore a resemblance to his sibling, as the dead guy which proves the stereotype that all dead people look alike no matter how closely you are related to them.

Anyway, they prepared for his services and held a wake in their house.  When a friend of the family saw the real man alive on the street, he began screaming and praying to God to protect him from the ghostly apparition until he realized the man was not a ghost but some schmuck who took off and failed to let anyone in his family  know where he was for a few days. 

Once the friend regained his composure, he told him that his family was planning on burying him and there was a wake going on, so the man rushed to his mother’s house and shouted to all present that he was alive.  Those funeral guests who didn’t faint on the spot, ran out of the wake screaming in terror. Now, that everyone has calmed down, they are all enjoying a wonderful  reunion with their once departed relative. However, no one is really sure what they should do with the extra body lying in the living room. I guess he could come in handy during Mardi Gras.

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7 thoughts on “Waking the Dead…or Not”

  1. Are we sure this family isn’t a bunch of heavy drinkers and were just using the wake of someone, anyone to get loaded?

  2. The only thing I want at my funeral is a really good singer and some really decent music. I hope to hang around as a ghost just long enough to make sure this is done right. 😉

  3. Among the couple of thoughts I tend to have is the thought of staging my own mock death. I would like to see and hear what people really think about me although having said that, the people I roll with have no issues with pointing out my inadequacies to my face!

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