Older Brothers Behaving Badly

I was asked recently, “What story had the biggest impact on me when I was a child.” My response was: My older brothers made me read a story when I was in second or third grade, […]

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A Lesson in Humor: If You Can Laugh, When You Lose Your Nads…

Emergency Laughter

My dad had a great sense of humor. He showed me many times the value of being able to laugh at yourself and the world around you. When he was diagnosed with late-stage metastatic cancer […]

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The Pros and Cons of Celebrating Holiday Traditions before the Mayan Calendar Ends on December 21st

Yes, we are approaching the big day when life on this planet might cease to exist…if you believe the Mayans and the doom and gloom people always featured on the History Channel. So, as December […]

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