Here’s Hoping Kmart Doesn’t Give a Ship

One Million Moms, the conservative Christian women’s group, which has attacked everyone and everything from Ellen DeGeneres and JC Penney to Home Depot for promoting a homosexual agenda, has given the thumbs down to  Kmart’s new campaign that uses the phrase “Ship my Pants” to promote their new free shipping policy.   The no-humor moms have called the campaign on their Facebook  page disgusting and vulgar and encouraged the other 999,000+  moms of their organization to lash out in social media and boycott Kmart–because I guess they think this is what Jesus would want– until Kmart creates an ad that meets their standards.

Considering the fact that these women are nothing more than bullies with bibles, I suggest that Kmart reply to their blackmail with an appropriate  response such as, “Ship happens, get over it!”

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6 thoughts on “Here’s Hoping Kmart Doesn’t Give a Ship”

  1. It’s really hard to see anything that might be interpreted as offensive in that ad but that group scare the bejayusus out of me. Part of me is curious to find out how they pick their victims but another part of me just wants to stay away from their bigoted views.

  2. This ad is funny!

    My Mom wouldn’t have laughed, though, and HER Mom would have been shocked. So, in three generations, the women in my family have gone through:

    Vulgar and not funny

    Times sure do change.

    1. My mother loosened up as she got older, though. She became a big fan of “Whose Line is It, Anyway.”

  3. Well, if they didn’t have that, what would they do, thump those Bibles on our heads? I may have to steal one of your phrases, by the way, but I will give you credit and I’ll send people to this article 🙂

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