Iowa: Where Attractive Women are Not Wanted

By: David Wilson

The all-male Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that it’s okay for a company to fire a woman because she is too attractive.  This decision came following a discrimination suit where a woman employee was terminated after 10 years of above average performance reviews because her looks became a threat to the marriage of her male boss.  Yep, it’s her fault he can’t focus on the job and not on her.  So, they fired the “overly attractive” woman and replaced her with another female employee (how nice).

I wonder how the new female employee feels knowing she got the job because she is not deemed too attractive to her obviously below average in intelligence male employer.

There are some days I think Lorena Bobbitt should be President.

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9 thoughts on “Iowa: Where Attractive Women are Not Wanted”

  1. I’m not even going to attempt to say something funny about this because there is nothing funny about it. whatsoever. I know some folk who’ll do the castrations.

  2. I may be misinterpreting this but I think this is a win for the uglies, who, if you don’t know remains still the largest group of discriminated against Americans we have left.

    I’m not lying. Most people admit openly they’d rather their child marry an attractive person over an ugly one. It’s discrimination with a capital “D”.

    I might even write an article about this practice.

  3. NOT OK. As is (in my opinion) refusing to hire someone who’s “overqualified.” It bugs the crap out of me.

    Thanks for sharing that!

    1. You know what Mike? It doesn’t matter if his wife was behind it or not. It’s his practice and HE went along with it and her attractiveness was deemed by the MALE court to be a threat to his marriage. Any way you look at it, it’s a woman-hating policy set down by the courts and every one of those judges should have their balls cut off.

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