Kiffed to the Curb


Pat Haden, USC athletic director, unceremoniously fired head football coach, Lane Kiffin, Saturday night. And by unceremoniously, we mean on the flight home from Tempe after the Trojans lost to Arizona State. It’s hard to let a firing like that go by without some rhythm. Here goes:

Kicked to the curb
Ousted to the avenue
Shown to the street
Laid out on the lane
Fired on a plane
How’s that for pain?
Just goes to show
You can be young and pretty
Still they treat you sh*tty
Fired five games in
All they care is “Win!”
Sorry to be riffin’
‘bout poor Lane Kiffin

Sorry to be riffin’
‘bout poor Lane Kiffin
No longer is a Trojan
Didn’t go as he had chosen
Kicked to the curb
Dropped hard to the boulevard
Flipped to the freeway
Sold down the road
Driven down the drive
Pushed off the parkway
Pink slipped on the plane
It’s hard to explain
‘bout what they had to gain
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Sorry to be riffin’
‘bout poor Lane Kiffin
Lost to the Devils
By a pretty heavy score
Just the type of loss
That might well get you
Shown to the door
Proverbially sacked
Getting the old axe
Flattened by a fleet of Macks
On the return flight home
Expect to hear substantial squawk
On the show – Jim Rome.

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