Songs to Miss Mack Brown By


I’m going to miss former Texas coach Mack Brown. They’ll be nobody to make a Pat Buttram image pop into my head. He was a good coach, a class guy and especially, I’ll miss him during the OU-Texas Cotton Bowl weekends. There’ll be no more reason for any Oklahoma City radio stations to play my Mack Brown song parodies. I expect Mack beat Bob Stoops this year to forever stop my songs. They need a proper burial so this column will provide it. One last time:

With many apologies to Sir Mix-A-Lot: BOBBY GOT MACK

I like beating Mack and I can not lie
You other brothers can’t deny
That when Mack walks in with his car salesman face
You wanna put him in his place
It’s all fun
Beating the Longhorns
Cause you notice when Mack gets stuffed
His face gets red and puffied
It’s a hoot and I can’t stop laughin’
It’s like Bevo givin’ a calfin’
It’s like Mack’s on the ground makin’ gruntin’ sounds
And their big ol’ bass drum has him bouncin’ around
It’s all fun
Want to join in all this fun?
Then turn your fingers down
To the ground… Even frat boys got to shout
Bobby got Mack
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Bobby got Mack

With even more apologies to Stoller and Lieber: MACKIE BROWN
                            Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons
Fe fe fi fi fo fo fum
I smell a joke in the Cottonbowlium

(Chorus): Mackie Brown, Mackie Brown
He’s a clown, that Mackie Brown
He’s gonna get smacked; just you wait and see
(Why is Bobby Stoops always pickin’ on me?)

That’s him on his knees, testin’ out the breeze
Yeah, when the fourth quarter comes, the Sooners win with ease


Who’s always tryin’ to shift the blame?
Who’s always playin’ the wrong game?
Who’s always losin’ jus the same?
Guess who (Who me?) Yeah, you

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