The elegant, graceful and sublime poetry of Grady

I’ve never been too good with words. I tend to write letters followed by more letters and they somehow like each other and decide to stay together. Then they end up as partners and become words. My main problem is that I sometimes write one thing but mean something else. Some people just seem to have a knack with words and I greatly admire those people, with great admiration. It’s just a shame that we can’t all express our thoughts as eloquently as Grady can:

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7 thoughts on “The elegant, graceful and sublime poetry of Grady”

  1. Grady’s writing is truly a thing of beauty, but even more than the gracefulness of his words, he must be doing something else right, for I see God has cast a heavenly light on his shirt, neck and ear.

    In the Bible, a lit shirt, neck and ear is frequently mentioned in Corinthians 13: 6-7 NIV – #00067 | x4

    Beyond the predictable locations of God’s glow (as per Corinthians 13: 6-7 NIV – #00067 | x4) a beaming ray unpredictably extends to the letter “G” of his Grady name plus the “if the” of his Grady prose is beamed upon as well. That leads one to believe his “G” is secret code for the name of God and his “if the” represents Grady’s potential descent into atheism. If one was to add a few letters to Grady’s “if the” it might read: If theRE IS NO GOD. It’s clear Grady was questioning his faith and needed a sign from the Almighty to set his Grady mind at ease.

    Given the above reasoning, I surmise the mention of “red river” is an obvious reference to Eve and the snake tree apple. And as any female with a man’s rib inside them knows, part of Eve’s curse for eating fruit from a snake tree was for her to forever bleed out for five days a month.

    Now, of course, just because of one woman, all women bleed out for five days a month. Similar to how just because of one man with a bomb in his shoe, now TSA demands all flyers remove their shoes, place them in a bin on a conveyor belt while someone in uniform (who probably has a good healthcare plan) makes money staring at a special screen to survey those shoes. If that shoe starer gets nervous he/she probably imagines the shoes are all naked.

    Red River. The curse.

    Bill Maher once said, “Never trust anyone who bleeds for five days but doesn’t die.”

    I bet Grady thinks that joke is funny and believes it true. When Grady laughs I’m sure those huge healthy teeth of his annoy the Brits.

    “Red rivers a flowin”

    Honestly though, I can’t tell if Grady cares about the plight of women or not… however, something about his hair gives me the impression he’d beat a woman half to death to prove he’s a man with muscle… all of which goes back to Adam’s rib and that apple and the red river and the fact that it’s blood which makes a man’s stiffness, yet people refer to that blood as bone. Like it’s a rib bone. But now we’re discussing two different types of blood… monthly discarded chick blood and highly regarded dude blood, though both bloods happen in the private sector, therefore, perhaps relevancy indeed applies.

    Grady is a religious pervert and if I had an opinion about him, which at the present time I do not, since I don’t know him and I’d never judge anyone… anyway, If I was to lower myself and label him, I’d say Grady is a religious pervert. And I want to thank you for putting a face to his name, his religious sycophancy combined with his fists of rage applied to the flesh of his female victims… thank you.

    People like Grady should not have the luxury of remaining anonymous. And if he’s one of God’s chosen people that’s probably part of the reason why atheists don’t believe in God.

    1. I’m rarely stuck for words Charlie but I am right now. I’m not gonna try and pretend I have a clue what you’re talking about but you make your points in a massively interesting way.

    2. Grady needs to sod off and leave the eloquent rubbish to people with man hair. kazfranco who are you? how ARE you existing in an American world without holding a gun to your head? Humour Outcast is exactly what you are, stop it, depression is your only hope there. I random clicked this post for the graceful and sublime heading and it is that, dear Grady river flows like the home dirt, and then your analysis of atheistic god lights? You really ARE English aren’t you? Bill Y author should ban you from commenting. Kaz my frankness for you, If you are in America, come to England or you will surely not survive, you’re not backward at coming forwards. Cheers and home dirt shots all around for this site.

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