The Full 6

Every night when I awake from sleep and open my eyes, I see. I can look at the same thing that Jill Y is looking at and not see anything but that’s only because I get distracted by the voices in my head. The voices come up with some good ideas but I’ve learned not to trust them after the last 457 times that I ended up in prison because of what they told me to do. I wouldn’t be the most observant of the people. Jill Y on the other hand, always observes the full 6:


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8 thoughts on “The Full 6”

  1. Are those real people? Their hair looks a little too perfect to be real people. They are actually a bit scary. Are THEY POD PEOPLE? SHOULDN’T YOU CALL THE GOVERNMENT OR SOMETHING! OMG! THEIR ALIENS BENT ON TAKING OVER THE EARTH? Oh, I’m sorry Bill, I guess my imagination got carried away. They look nice…

    1. Such important questions and each more relevant than the next but here comes something that will shock and surprise. There was in fact 7 observations in the picture but I decided to cut the last one one out. If this is a lie, Jon Jovi can stay in our place. Number 7 on that picture said “Woman not in kitchen”. And now you can see why I cut it out!

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