The New Era of Journalism

Yesterday, The Associated Press’ twitter account was hijacked and a false message that there was an explosion at the White House that left the President injured went out into Twitter World.  The stock market began to plummet as investor fears took over.  Upon learning that the report was fake, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, and Huffington Post exclaimed.  “It’s not our fault it wasn’t true! It’s not our job to check facts!  That is what the National Enquirer is for!”

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15 thoughts on “The New Era of Journalism”

  1. I get all my facts from the National Enquirer. How else would we know that Big Foot was dating someone from Dancing With The Stars.

  2. What’s upsetting is that the computer program that watches for issues like this and then reacts. Human’s would have reacted a little bit slower and by the time they did the real story would have likely prevented any drop.

    But this example is just indicative of the volatile market that is all over the place and hard for anyone without any market savvy to invest properly. Thank God we haven’t allowed congress to privatize Social Security yet.

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