8 thoughts on “Pope’s Doves Attacked”

  1. Those demon seagulls from hell are at it again!

    I see another action movie in the making!

  2. Sooner or later the illusion of the peaceful doves was bound to be brought down. I will remember where I was when I read this and tell my imaginary children about it.

  3. I talked with the Cardinal in charge of the Popes Personal Protective Detail and I found out that the gulls are members of the elite Secret Seagulls Service, who are tasked with protecting the airspace above the Pope. Two of the doves released were not Doves of Peace, but were in fact suicide doves dressed like Peace Doves and somehow got through security.

    1. Wow, Mike has the inside track on everything! I see a movie, a controversial movie that the vatican will ban but we will flock to the theaters and it will be talked about everywhere especially the History Channel. This is big stuff Mario! They will call it: The Dove Code

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