Fettuccine And Outer Space Dining

Vatican Entree FETTUCCINE ALLA PAPALINA INGREDIENTS 1 pound fettuccine 3 eggs 3 tablespoons cream 1¼ cups freshly grated Parmesan cheese* 1 medium onion ¼ cup butter 5 ounces diced or cubed pancetta, or cubed, uncooked […]

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Bacon & Chocolate Party Wants You to Head Your Own Federal Department


How often has this happened to you? You: Gah! I wish we had enough money to buy yogurt-covered pretzels. Spouse: We can’t. You have a lousy job. You: I wish I could find a better […]

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Vatican Says Popemobile Brake System Malfunction After Pope’s Conciliatory Comments on Gays and Abortion “Purely Coincidental”

A Vatican spokesman announced that any link between Pope Francis’ recent conciliatory comments regarding atheists, gays, abortion, and birth control and an accident where the Popemobile’s braking system appeared to malfunction is purely coincidental. The […]

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