Pastrami Sandwiches and Impressionism

American Entree MATTHEW’S PASTRAMI SANDWICH INGREDIENTS 8 slices rye, crusty deli bread, or French rolls* ⅓ cup Russian dressing 1½ pounds sliced pastrami** 4 slice Swiss cheese 2 cups coleslaw SPECIAL UTENSIL*** aluminum foil * […]

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Dylan is what happens when parents listen to Leonard Cohen…

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Are You A Restaurant Dick?

Are you a restaurant dick? Do you make other diners so miserable that they wish they were at the dentist instead? Take this test and find out. Do you: 1) Yell at the waitress? (1 […]

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South African Bobotie and The Outer Space Restaurant


South African Entree BOBOTIE INGREDIENTS 2 slices bread ⅔ cup milk (½ cup more later) 1 Granny Smith or other sour apple 1 large onion 3 tablespoons butter 2 pounds ground beef 2¼ tablespoons lemon […]

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Bacon & Chocolate Party Wants You to Head Your Own Federal Department


How often has this happened to you? You: Gah! I wish we had enough money to buy yogurt-covered pretzels. Spouse: We can’t. You have a lousy job. You: I wish I could find a better […]

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Nice Things About All the Presidential Candidates


Candidate De Lancey I’m tired of relentless attacks on the candidates. In the spirit of reconciliation and togetherness, here are positive things to be said about all the candidates. Clinton: My father’s first name was […]

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Why the End of the World Didn’t Happen


It’s getting embarrassing. People confidently shout to everyone that the end of the world will end tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes. And it doesn’t end. Again. Oh sure, you might have gotten a migraine or you […]

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