Paul’s Awesome English Dictionary – Today’s Word: Nomogofo

Sometimes a word is so useful and necessary that it has been crying in the ether to be coined. Once used, we all wonder, “It’s so obvious now. How do we ever get along without that word?”

In today’s blog, we celebrate such an occurrence.

We’re often told the only way to success, to accomplishment, is by diligent activity and hard work. But sometimes we find great things happen to us by doing absolutely nothing, zilch, didly. Which leads us to:



Awesome entry #25

– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.


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One thought on “Paul’s Awesome English Dictionary – Today’s Word: Nomogofo”

  1. I like Paul’s Paul’s Awesome English Dictionary.
    I drank whiskey in that establishment before you got the job.
    I crawled in backwards because nomogofo.

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