Time Magazine And its Dig Against Atheists

By: Glen Van Etten

Joe Klein, a columnist for  Time Magazine, purposefully made incendiary remarks about atheists in his cover story about wounded warriors working through PTSD by helping those affected by the  Oklahoma tornado disaster. Klein, wrote that as he worked with a veterans’ voluntary group,  he noticed that there were no secular humanists groups giving assistance among the many Christian church groups, a fact that turned out to be completely false.  As it turns out, volunteers from  Oklahoma Atheists, Atheist Community of Tulsa, Lawton Area Secular Society, Norman Naturalism Group and Oklahoma State Secular Organization were all on the scene giving assistance with food and donations and organizing   blood drives. In Klein’s defense, he might not have recognized the atheists since they don’t make a point of  carrying big  signs and insisting on saving people before they help those in need. Klein and Time Magazine have yet to issue an apology for their misrepresentation lending credence to the theory that their journalists are allowed to make stuff up if it helps their story.  Funny, that is the same excuse Pat Robertson uses. I might be wrong, but I think the atheists are a little closer to heaven than anyone thought.

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5 thoughts on “Time Magazine And its Dig Against Atheists”

  1. As you well know, I’ve no problem making things up but that’s only because non-existent God makes me do it. If Time want to employ me to write fiction, I can be a lot more inventive and economical with the truth than Mr. Klein and that’s a fact!

  2. What do atheists group discuss when they get together? “Still don’t believe in God?” “Nope.” “Okay, well, that covers it for this week. There’s donuts in the back. Help yourself.”

  3. People should not be judged on what they believe, but on how they live. I have known some pretty nice atheists and agnostics, as well as some pretty nice Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists. I think we’re all headed toward the same destination; we’re just taking different roads.

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