After-Mass Driver Jags



So let’s play a game.

What is that building in the picture above?

Answer: A church.

What does that church represent as far as the people in side?  (Be nice… just play along)

Answer: People that do and think good, goodness and kindness.

So given that, what in THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hell happens to these people once church lets out and they are all trying to get home to see the 1pm kickoff or get the last close-to-the-front-door parking spot at Denny’s????  They all be come violent nuts edging each other out of the parking lot merging spots, beeping at the guy that’s pulled up front to let granny and her walker get in the car and throwing up hand signals.

Seriously… I am just trying to get home without any dents in my fenders!  Breakfast is served 24 hours.

Take your damned turn.  This doesn’t have to be a MASS CASUALTY incident, Ya Jagoffs!!  (like how I did that?)

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9 thoughts on “After-Mass Driver Jags”

  1. I live in the bible belt. You don’t have to tell me about the violence and carnage. DO NOT go to Glutton Corral during the church rush. My knee has never recovered.

  2. There is a church near a set of traffic lights near my home. The faithful leave like bats out of hell and woe betide anyone who wants to turn at the lights when they a streaming out.

  3. That’s why some churches have late licenses over here. The last thing we need is all the drunken people leaving the bars at the same time. Wait… Wat?

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