Beard Squirrel

Carlos Javier Enrique ‘Papa Don Juan” O’Reilly aka Jimmy Schmidt aka The Don aka Skinny Mike Delorean aka The Man with One Name is known to his friends as Pat. Like most people, Pat likes to keep up to date on the cultural happenings of squirrel involvement in society as we know it. Pat had a fight with his girlfriend and she wouldn’t talk to him for 19 years so he decided to look for another girlfriend. Pat, a bearded dude, wanted something that would attract the ladies and man did he find it:


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8 thoughts on “Beard Squirrel”

  1. Bill I do believe this is the most insane product you’ve ever posted. I’m speechless, lol.

    1. Well I’m never going to wear a beard on my hip and that’s not open to debate.

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