HumorOutcasts Radio – Interview with Mary Paddock and Stacey Roberts

This week, I had the privilege of welcoming two of the most talented writers out there: Mary O. Paddock and Stacey Roberts.

If someone were to ask Mary Paddock why she writes (and, strangely, they never have), she would reply that she is in love with the idea that we really don’t know as much as we think we do. Writing allows her to explore the possibility that we are wrong about everything. Why not buffalo on Mars? Why not mermaid kindergarten teachers? And running away from home isn’t just for teenagers.

Mary is the author of numerous published short stories and five novels. A couple of years ago, with the encouragement of friends and family, put together a collection of some of those short stories and published them under the title “SING”.  Since then she’s published another collection entitled “Souvenir” as well as her first novel “Fassen Files”.

She lives in the Ozarks with her husband and four boys. They share their home with numerous dogs and cats who understand three key facts: humans worry about all the wrong things, sleep when they should be awake, work when they should play, and need looking after.

Stacey Roberts was born in a smoky hospital in New Jersey in 1971. Nine years later, he and his family moved into a Winnebago and traveled across the country. After several near-death experiences, they settled first in California and then Florida.He attended college at Florida State University and University of Miami, where he received his B.A. in English Literature instead of Finance, which was a great disappointment to his mother.

souvenirmarypaddockHe went on to get a Master’s degree in Early Modern European History at the University of Cincinnati, to which his mother said, “SSSStace. History? What do you need that for? What is wrong with you?”
His mother was right. He didn’t need it for anything, except to make arcane references about the Roman Empire or Henry VIII that no one else understands.

He founded a computer consulting firm outside of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1994, and resides in Northern trailertrashKentucky with his two brilliant daughters and their less than brilliant yellow dog Sophie. TRAILER TRASH, WITH A GIRL’S NAME is his first novel.

Since we have two guests, it’s hard to link everything here ,but you can go to HOPress-Shorehouse Books and visit Mary’s and Stacey’s author pages for all their information and links.

To hear the interview click on Mary’s and Stacey’s name below.

Mary Paddock and Stacey Roberts

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